We are not aligned with any political party or beholden to support a candidate because of their political party, but rather support causes and candidates which match our values and principles, regardless of party affiliation. We believe that a presumed alliance with any party inhibits our ability to act in the best interest of the Commonwealth or assert influence, particularly over parties that run on the conservative platform.

We will not endorse or support the lesser of two evils in any political campaign but will support those candidates we believe in on their merits instead of supporting candidates as an opposition to someone we do not approve of. We believe that for long lasting liberties we must have true principled candidates and electing a the lesser of two evils is still evil, especially if that candidate is cloaked in conservatism it may do irreplaceable harm to the movement and diminish our credibility and influence in the future.

We want to restore our republic and do so by having values and principled candidates elected locally in Kentucky. We believe that the best defense from an overreaching federal government is a strong state government and it is our desire to support those causes and candidates that help strengthen that defense. We will only support local and state candidates and pledge to stand with those that stand for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.