When given the choice between Washington and this great Commonwealth; Kentucky Knows Best

The Kentucky Knows Best Leadership PAC was created to bring governance back to the Commonwealth and to raise and distribute funds to candidates in Kentucky running for local or statewide offices who support our objectives. 

We focus on 3 keys areas:

Awareness keep people educated about policies that threaten our states sovereignty and inform citizens of what they can do.

Advocate endorsing and promoting candidates that will fight for us and uphold the principles that made this nation great and the spirit this state was founded on.

Active help fund good local Kentucky candidates and utilize influence and resources on campaigns that impact us here.

Sadly a single voice is to often ignored by our politicians today and an individual may seem powerless, but when we band together we can create a single voice that can not be ignored. It’s time to make a difference back here at home. It’s time to realize that we can effect real change locally. It’s time to stop sending our money to Washington or spending it on Congressman and Senators that go away to that cesspool never to be seen again. It is time we look at what is happening here in Kentucky and spend our money locally on campaigns that can make a difference here in the Bluegrass. The time has come at last to restore our Commonwealth and place people locally that will stand once again for Kentucky. Join us today

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