Kentucky ObamaCare coverage still lacking

Another development in Kentucky’s uneasy political tapdance around ObamaCare today highlights the continued failure of state mainstream media to cover a very important story state Democrats would prefer not to talk about.

The federal Department of Health & Human Services notified Kentucky’s Insurance Commissioner today that we will have a decision on Kentucky’s request for an ObamaCare waiver within thirty days.

Kentucky has asked for a temporary exemption from a small part of ObamaCare’s effort to control healthcare prices. While still publicly supporting ObamaCare, the Beshear administration has referenced Kentucky’s failed price-fixing efforts in the health care market which destroyed our health insurance market two decades ago, despite the unmistakable similarities between that state legislation and ObamaCare.

It’s pretty hard to overlook the fact that ObamaCare supporters in Kentucky have even less desire to talk about what requiring health insurance companies to cover all applicants does to consumers, but state reporters seem to be giving it a pretty good try as well.

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