Keep Tea Party on offense

Any small group of Kentuckians could have a pretty good argument over what our state’s most urgent policy need is. Public overspending and debt? Our broken schools, tax code, labor policies, social issues? But the latest offering from our state legislature suggests the message still isn’t getting through.

With many pressing problems facing Kentuckians and demanding thoughtful attention, state Rep. Richard Henderson (D-Jeffersonville) filed on Friday a “Caylee’s Law” bill designed to capitalize on the cable television trial of Casey Anthony and the ferocious outpouring of emotion surrounding that tragedy. Unfortunately, Henderson’s bill will serve mostly to gain media attention for Rep. Henderson and, if enacted, give estranged parents another legal tool with which to attack each other long before it protects a single child.

Henderson’s proposed legislation seeks to criminalize failure to report a child gone missing “within twelve hours of the time the child is discovered to have been missing.” Think about that for a minute. How is anyone going to prove when the discovery took place? And they want to make this a felony?

Kentucky is in the midst of a fiscal crisis that is no less of one because pundits and politicians don’t claim yet to have “discovered” it. With the Obama stimulus funds squandered and ObamaCare on the way, public pension scandals and state debt accumulating at nearly a billion dollars a year, at what point do we prosecute all our silent state politicians as felons using the same logic as Rep. Henderson uses in his fatally flawed Casey Anthony bill?

Helping Kentuckians make these discoveries on their own is a major purpose driving the Kentuckians Know Best PAC. Please help the effort by forwarding this message as widely as you can. As more people wake up to the need to get our state on the right track, we need to stay on offense.

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