Statement on Kentucky Medicaid managed care

“Amid the fanfare surrounding Frankfort politicians signing new Medicaid managed care contracts and claiming they are “creating” 550 jobs and “saving” $1.3 billion, someone has to stand up and call “horsefeathers!” on the whole thing. Moments like this define the need for an organization like Kentucky Knows Best PAC.”

“Frankfort politicians in both parties have known about managed care opportunities for several years. If these opportunities were truly this good, we could have really used them at any point over the last two or three years. As it is, with ObamaCare about to force many more Kentuckians onto the Medicaid rolls, it is most likely we are now just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. What we need now more desperately than ever is repeal of ObamaCare and to phase out Medicaid in favor of a block grant program or, better still, vouchers for purchase of private health insurance and less regulation to create a more competitive marketplace.”

“In any event, we are never going to have a productive conversation about any of this until more people gain some healthy skepticism about outlandish claims by professional politicians.”

David Adams
Executive Director
Kentucky Knows Best PAC

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One Response to Statement on Kentucky Medicaid managed care

  1. Kat says:

    These politicians could care less about the people here in KY. They are celebrating and patting themselves on the back while people are suffering. They cut Medicaid expenses by just blatantly denying benefits.
    My blood will be on their hands.

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