Lawmaker fixes drug-testing for welfare bill

After repeatedly filing bills in recent years to mandate random drug testing of welfare recipients, Kentucky state Rep. Lonnie Napier pre-filed for 2012 a bill that should be much more likely to become law and survive court challenges.

House Bill 26 would encourage recipients of food stamps, Medicaid and other state cash assistance to avoid illegal drugs and unprescribed controlled substances by allowing for drug testing when a case worker suspects drug abuse.

This bill should be quite popular in Kentucky as a way to address both rampant drug abuse and entitlement abuse. But there’s more: changing Medicaid eligibility as this bill does may be seen as conflicting with the federal Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare. That’s a Tenth Amendment battle we both want and need.

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3 Responses to Lawmaker fixes drug-testing for welfare bill

  1. I’m not for drug testing under any circumstances unless a private company wants to do it. The bigger problem, however, is that welfare must be ended. Give me back my tax dollars and I will be charitable or not on my own. Are we our brother’s keepers? We always have been. Another responsibility government has taken over from private citizens and failed miserably.

    • directorky says:

      Consider, Sally, that ending welfare might best begin with shrinking welfare. To get moving in that direction, the first people to go should be those who are abusing the system. Plus, the greatest value in setting up enforcement like this is in the threat of testing, not actual testing. Most people who are misallocating public resources toward drug use will either stop the practice in advance of the threat of drug testing or will simply not show up for testing and lose their benefits. I doubt you would see much actual testing at all.

  2. Joe Dukes says:

    A restructuring of the criteria the Dept of Disabilities uses to determine “disabled” is needed. Manic depression, or bipolarity, is a sales racket exacted by psychologists and lawyers to extract funds from the system. The doctors use an observational method of major latitute in diagnosis with a minimal threshold of determination and their opinion is accepted by the SSA internal court system as “expert.” SSA turns the applicant down repeatedly until they finally realize that the applicant is not going away, building a back pay nest egg. Drug addiction cannot be used as a “material” fact within determination, but can be accepted as “immaterial” to a case involving other disabilities. The problem is the wording of a disability lasting “more than one year or end in death.” The psychologist knows that the individual is attempting to receive SSI because they have to issue dictation in the case. The more they qualify, the more patients, or sales base, the psychologist has as a primary physician treating the patient, who MUST continue to see the doctor to maintain SSI eligibility. Also, the 10 year rule ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE ELIMINATED. I paid into the system, my job was sent to mexico, I went back to college and received my masters in public administration and public law and can’t find a job anywhere. In the process, I was diagnosed with terminal heart failure. I paid into the system for over 20 years, but all I can have is SSI, which is welfare and carries a horrible inaccurate stigma of free loading, and no worker’s comp insurance agency will write comp insurance because I AM LEGALLY RULED TO BE DISABLED. IT IS A SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS THAT CANNOT BE REVERSED.So now, if I am drug tested… what assurance do I have that we do not have a corrupt state government who will systematically cease benefits to anyone they wish without a trial or appeals process. The assignment of Medicaid to a managed care operation and then revelation this week that the state has relinquished management to the “trap” of JP Morgan Chase, which is a floor mat industry for the Rothschild Dynasty that has built our horrible fractionary inflationary banking system for personal greed purposes, will be managing all of the state affairs to make the budget look good for our immoral politicians who use stupid general sweeping accustions and perceptions to a state full of academically lazy voters. Eligibility for social programs is assignable and can be taken away from those who are actually physically able to work, like bipolarity disorders, but I can’t go to work even if I want with a professional education. ALL OF US ARE NOT GOD DAMN BUMS AND ALL IT TAKES IS ONE FALSE POSITIVE TO STARVE ME TO DEATH. DAMMIT. We cannot trust our politicians because they are horribly unqualified…furthermore…it is an absolute conflict of interest for a representative who is a lawyer to go to the General Assembly to pass laws that he can come home and make money from via his relationships in the SSA. . WE ARE NOT STUPID…JUST DISABLED…LEGALLY. My bodily fluids compositon is not criteria for my disability eligibility. I worked my ass off for it. Get real and moral. Every denial of services will be a federal lawsuit and merely thumbing their political noses at the Constitution and the court system is not acceptable when they are under oath to uphold it. Changing the rules don’t stop the legal disability.

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