Herald Leader botches ObamaCare story

The Lexington Herald Leader has been watching Frankfort politicians tiptoe around the coming ObamaCare disaster for more than a year now and still apparently can’t grasp the main issue.

Today’s online story glosses over the fact that the third largest health insurer in America is pulling out of Kentucky and then completely misses the point that when ObamaCare mandates insurers accept all applicants without raising premiums that it will get much worse very quickly.

The story also fails to mention Aetna is the third company to pull out of Kentucky since the “Affordable Care Act” was enacted.

In the story’s ninth paragraph, reporter Beth Musgrave states simply: “In 1994, the state overhauled its health insurance laws, which resulted in 43 insurance companies leaving Kentucky.”

Right. Understanding that “overhaul” is pretty important because what Kentucky did in 1994 was mandate insurers accept all applicants without raising premiums. There is no mention of this in Musgrave’s story.

I seem to remember a quote about what happens to people who can’t remember the past.

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6 Responses to Herald Leader botches ObamaCare story

  1. David Cazalet says:

    Aetna is also pulling out of Ohio, Colorado and, perhaps other states. They have been unable to sell their product. It has nothing to do with whether Obamacare is good or bad. How can you possibly think people will believe that Aetna is leaving Kentucky due to Obamacare? Why would they choose Kentucky? Your statement Is bologna.

  2. directorky says:

    The Beshear Administration connected Aetna’s exit with their request for an ObamaCare waiver. Take your complaint to them.

  3. David Cazalet says:

    By your logic, if a man sues for divorce claiming that his wife got a job immorally hacking into murdered 13-year-olds e-mails and sending the dead girl e-mail to throw off the police investigation, the court should blame the man for using unrelated arguments. It’s idiotic.

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  5. John Nail says:

    In Humana’s home state Aetna has a whopping 1600 lives in their small group pool. Whose fault is that? Poor product? Rates? Sales people?

    They aren’t leaving the over 50 life market just a product line that is too small to be profitable.

    This isn’t even worth printing.

  6. directorky says:

    John, the Beshear administration is trying to make this about Aetna and perhaps that is causing your confusion. In its request for a narrow exemption from ObamaCare, Beshear repeatedly brings up multiple insurers pulling out of Kentucky, including Aetna, and suggests that if ObamaCare is implemented on schedule that further harm will happen to Kentucky’s insurance market such as what we did to ourselves in 1994. The disconnect between what Beshear seems to grasp about a relatively minor issue related to ObamaCare (namely, its medical loss ratio requirements) and the much larger issue he seems to fail to grasp (namely, its requirement that all insurers accept all applicants without excluding pre-existing conditions or charging higher premiums for them) is the reason this is a story. You may realize that both of these issues will negatively impact smaller carriers more swiftly than they will hurt the larger carriers. Beyond that, it is an interesting side note that the third largest carrier in America is so tiny in Kentucky but, again, that is mostly a function of being so new to the market.

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