Big week for a new voice

For readers of the Kentucky Knows Best blog, you found out first that Frankfort politicians stuck taxpayers with a $30 million tab in the process of covering up their latest unbalanced budget. We also broke the story about the loophole in Kentucky law that allows legislators convicted of murder to keep getting their fat government pensions for life. And we finished off the week breaking the news that Governor Steve Beshear is using evidence from Kentucky’s experiment with HillaryCare to plead for a waiver from ObamaCare.

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One Response to Big week for a new voice

  1. Charles says:

    Isn’t it abundantly obvious by now that Obamacare has to be dismantled and repealed? If something so grand and wonderful has so many public and private entities scrambling to get waivers to get out from under it, then it must NOT be so wonderful, no?
    Obamacare delenda est!

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