Breaking: Kentucky insurance meltdown

A frantic letter from Governor Steve Beshear’s Insurance Commissioner to the Obama Administration today paints a clearer picture of how ObamaCare stands to hurt Kentucky.

In the letter, Commissioner Sharon Clark states that Aetna, the nation’s third-largest health insurer, is pulling out of Kentucky’s individual and small group health insurance markets immediately. ObamaCare is the reason for their departure, which makes Kentucky’s health insurance market even less stable and less competitive since Congress passed the new law.

Clark wrote: “Kentucky’s individual marketplace remains fragile and in recovery after a previous health reform efforts (sic) in the 1990s. Given Aetna’s intentions, the Commonwealth of Kentucky remains concerned that insurers exiting the market may cause an unsustainable influx of individuals into Kentucky Access, Kentucky’s high risk pool. With the current budgetary environment, the effect of a large increase in membership into Kentucky Access that may occur with an additional carrier exiting the market could be extremely detrimental to the pool.”

In other words, Kentucky is still trying to get over our flirtation two decades ago with HillaryCare. This is our own Democratic Governor starting to realize that Obama’s health fiasco will hurt Kentucky. Please keep spreading the word about bad policies like ObamaCare. When even elected Democrats are getting the message, it’s clear the Tea Party movement is having a major impact.

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3 Responses to Breaking: Kentucky insurance meltdown

  1. While I don’t disagree that the Tea Party is having an influence, it is the folly of healthcare reform legislation that is the major impact here. The threat that ObamaCare poses is becoming so obvious, so much more quickly than its architects could have predicted, that “even elected Democrats are getting the message” and, more importantly, are willing to admitting it in public, on paper no less. We must hang ObamaCare and ObamaCoal around the neck of Beshear this November!

  2. Sandra Manuel says:

    Does anyone know anything about the FEMA scam that may require people in a (so-called, but never before known as) flood zone to buy flood insurance, while none of their real property will ever be in danger of flooding? This insurance could be very expensive for people who will never need it, and calling their property flood zone reduces its value. This was likely created to pay for FEMA outlays of money for private individuals and entities who should have been able to get coverage on their own, at their choice, or otherwise suffered the consequences (without a taxpayer bailout). When will the plunder of the taxpayer ever cease?

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