Kentuckians need no-debt-increase pledge

An alarming increase in public debt should serve as an early warning sign that Frankfort politicians remain out of control and more tea party influence is needed, said David Adams, executive director of the newly formed Kentuckians Know Best PAC.

“Piling on debt as Kentucky has done these last few years is worse than tax increases because it is harder to see and hold politicians accountable,” Adams said. “Kentucky’s governor and legislature added $2.46 billion in appropriation-supported debt in Gov. Beshear’s first three years in office. And that’s on top of the $3.47 billion in one-time Obama stimulus funds the state spent. We haven’t changed our bad habits; we just covered them up temporarily. Unfortunately, Kentucky’s Republican gubernatorial nominee can’t effectively deal with this issue in the campaign because he went right along with Beshear’s borrowing and spending.”

“One of our first actions with the 2012 General Assembly will be to encourage legislators to sign a no-debt-increase pledge to protect Kentuckians from this in the future,” Adams said.

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