How much did auto bailout cost Kentucky?

President Barack Obama is in Toledo, Ohio today touting the positive impact his Chrysler bailout had for people there.

Perhaps he should make a trip to Louisville’s Ford facilities and the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky and explain to them why their relative success is so much less important than their competitors’ failure.

Obama campaign supporters counting all the jobs “saved” by the auto bailouts overlook the damage done to companies whose competitors are lavished with billions in taxpayer dollars.

If your biggest competitor faced going out of business until someone took money from you and gave it to him, you wouldn’t have any trouble coming up with words to describe that transaction, would you?

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3 Responses to How much did auto bailout cost Kentucky?

  1. David Cazalet says:

    You conservatives were wrong to oppose saving millions of auto industry jobs. Why don’t you just admit you were wrong and move on.
    I’m glad Ford didn’t need to borrow from the government because they established a large private line of credit.
    Toyota is suffering from the tragedy in Japan.
    Why don’t you people stop trying to bring the country down?

  2. Mike Hottois says:

    Oh, I can come up with words to describe that transaction, but you would not want to print them here.

  3. Kendrick Bryan says:

    Last month, General Motors announced the company will invest more than $130 million and hire 250 employees at its Bowling Green Assembly Plant, which will produce the next generation of the Chevrolet Corvette.

    I don’t think rescuing GM hurt the Commonwealth.

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